Sunday, November 4, 2012

So this is what 2 Kinects can do

After all this talk of a Kinect 2 waiting in the wings for the release of next year's Xbox Next  launch, I can't help but think that a current Kinect x 2 could well be a better option instead. Check out how accurate that the folks at 3Gear Systems seem to be coming along with their own software tools (SDK). This could provide some real benefit in the engineering, medical, and you-name-it fields. Maybe this could even make real games beyond dancing and parlor games actually playable using Kinect(s).


 Thinking back to those leaks from the Microsoft: Roadmap to Fordaleza (glasses) that surfaced several months back, it dawned on me that maybe this is more similar to what Microsoft has in mind for Kinect v2 than just a higher res camera and a closer field of vision. The roadmap is old, but maybe the 2 Kinects will indeed stay as they were envisioned here years ago.


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