Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sony Debuts Wonderbook at E3, gamers et all wonder why books and games need to merge merge in the first place

In an educational augmented reality approach, Sony shows off its Wonderbook at E3 for the Playstation 3. The device uses existing Playstation Eye along with the Move controller to enrich the experience of a 12 page blank book (which has points of referance for the PS Eye to recognize). Now, I am a believer in gaming technology being used for learning but I do think that this is a very limited approach to learning. In my opinion, a book is a book and interactive games are just that. I really don't get where the two can be mixed, especially with such a limited sized book. This is basically a pop-up book for a new generation. I don't see how it would encourage actual reading, but I do love the augmented reality aspects. I could see this working much better as a side quest in an actual game, rather than a sole implementation.

Their first book/app/game is none other than a Harry Potter tie-in subtitled Book of Spells, which should technically be a good catalyst to get things going. I just don't see such a limited scope of an idea to actually go too far after that.

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