Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Ariel TL1 simulator features the world's first 180° wrap-around screen for gaming / sumulation

Fusing three curved screens together to achieve a serious 5760×1200 resolution, the TL1 simulator from car maker Ariel (of the Atom race car on a budget fame) and Motion Simulation does a lot um, simulating. It is also adaptable for flight simulation and includes motion transducers for the seat to react to the environment. It includes all of the steering, pedals, levers, and such for your driving or flying needs. The cost for the TL1 is a measly £11,500 ($18,650). Since most of us can't afford a simulator of that price tag, feel free to go ahead and trade in your current real-world vehicle or get a financing option.

Check out the video and some more screens:

"Your arcade, sir"

For people who have a lot of extra money and also love the color white
In orange and blue
This other thing that Ariel makes

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