Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A couple of holographic-y type of displays shown from MS Research

First up from Microsoft Research is called TeleHuman, and it aims to display a person like they are standing right in front of you. It captures the person's image using 6 Kinect devices and projects the image onto a cylinder via a 3D projector. All of those kinect devices capture the demonstrator from every angle so you can walk around the cylinder as if it were a real person. A second team is using the same tech for its BodiPod application, where various layers of the human body can be revealed in real time. Maybe they are getting ready for an X-ray version of Kinect.

Next up is called the Mirage Table. The goal of Mirage Table is to simulate interaction with the user as if they are sitting in front of you. The tools are a curved screen that merges with the table, a Kinect capture device, and a 3D projector. This is neat and Microsoft research has done some similar things in the past, but this combines several ideas into one, more practical one. You have to use your imagination while watching the video because the interaction objects are supposed float in virtual space in front ofthe viewer. Without 3D glasses and the actual viewer's perspective, you just can't get the same effect.

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