Friday, November 25, 2011

DisplAir combines projection, fog machine, IR sensor, magic

A Russian start-up company has created a sci-fi interface turned into a reality. Astrakhan-based DisplAir, has demonstrated that they can run a GUI image projected onto a curtain of fog, where the IR camera tracks the hand movements ala Kinect-style interface. The IR camera is capable of picking out hand movements as small as 1cm, making it more sensitive than the Xbox-bases device, even though there seems to be more lag. Hopefully the forthcoming Kinect for PC will be able to do as well or better, with its zoom feature.

I'm not sure why exactly this is any more efficient than a touch screen display, but it is indeed much cooler.

Source: Electronista


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  2. Principally these fog machine use glycol and water as a fog fluid. This fluid is pushed through warmth exchanger with the assistance of a excessive pressure pump.