Saturday, October 15, 2011

Piloting a plane from inside an egg never looked so good. Barco offers complete half-sphere sim display.

This is unprecedented realism. Utilizing 13 Barco LCoS 10 Mega Pixel projectors onto the outside of a 3.4 meter diameter acrylic sphere, the realism happens inside the bowl, where the pilot sits, free of any other visible obstructions. The result is a view that is a complete 360-degree view of the world. The physical stimulation-simulation machinery would be separate, and I would assume that any lateral rotation would need to center its axis with the center of the dish.

More pics and video after the jump

"It's not an improvement, it's a new generation of simulators," Geert Matthys, research and development manager at the company, said.

"If a pilot has a cockpit where he can see 360 degrees, he also needs to be trained in a system which supplies 360 degrees, all deviation from real life can be dangerous," said Matthys.

"For the first application there will be eight systems positioned next to each other and they will do mission training with each other," said project manager Kathy Verledens.

Other specs include a 25:1 system contrast with 10ftL brightness and a complete certification in badassery.

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