Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plethora of Kinect Hacks: Part I

Kinect is fast becoming a dream machine for experimental applications, rather than the actual games it was released with (yet). Here is a slew of hacks, and they just keep coming. Microsoft has hit something big here. Its almost like you know that a UI will come for PC, but with OpenKinect and other home-brew engines, the cat is already out of the bag. It would be hard to believe that Microsoft didn't see this coming. Perhaps they will let those brave folks test the waters for them while probably secretly brewing up something of their own. I suspect one or more of these folks just might end up working for MSFT at some point, given their brief history with Project Natal Kinect.

Click Below To View Some Cool Stuff:

Object Recognition With Kinect

Kinect's IR Beam Filmed With Night Vision Camera

Interactive Puppets With Kinect

Kinect Sees in 3D

3D Drawing With OpenKinect

Kinect Measuring Objects in 3D

Depth-Sensing Robot From MIT

Kinect hacks lets you control a web browser and Windows 7 using only The Force (MIT Media Lab)

More Kinect hacks are sure to follow.

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