Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mind Controlled Wheelchair Works With Help of AI, Swiss Engineering

As an assistant in Mill├ín’s laboratory at EPFL in Switzerland, Michele Tavella at the Rolex Learning Center (Hey, I knew some of that money they charge for time pieces had to go somewhere), tests out a wheelchair he is controlling with his thoughts.


“When I want to turn left, I imagine moving my left hand,” says Tavella. “And this is very natural and very quick; I can send a command in about a second.”

Source: EPFL

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I Only Have Eyes for Mario

This news comes from Johnny Lee's Procrastineering website. The folks at Waterloo Labs have devised a way to control Super Mario Bros. with only the eyes, which I have to wonder if is any bit as fun to play as it is to watch someone playing.

Google's Liquid Galaxy is "Google Earth on Steroids"

After taking a little time off, I've decided to update just in time for some last week's news, cold off the press!

Liquid Galaxy, called by many: "Google Earth on steroids", does more than just connects the dots, it connects the apps! Take Google Earth, Google Sky, and allegedly 8 quad core computers, and you've got Liquid Galaxy.